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Tips for planning a new patio

Peel Projects Gloucestershire are experienced patio installers. We have over 15 years of landscaping and patio laying experience. We have completed over 200 patios in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas working with a wide range of materials. We put together this helpful guide featuring 10 top tips for anyone planning their new patio.

Budget: When planning a landscaping job, and especially a new patio, it is important to think about your budget. Your budget will determine the materials, size, and design options available to you. It will really help any prospective landscaping company you approach for a quote if you have an understanding of your budget and have done some research on materials and costs. It is good to have realistic expectations from the outset.

Purpose: Consider the purpose of the patio. Will it be used for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing? This will help determine the size and layout of the patio.

Size: Measure the space where you want to build the patio. Having a good idea of the square meterage is helpful. Plan the size with your needs in mind. You will start to get an idea on the amount of furniture and other outdoor features.

Materials: Choose the materials that will be used for the patio. There are many options for all budgets such as concrete, slabs of all colours and designs for a lower budget, all the way up to different types of natural stone slabs. Indian Sandstone is popular and always looks beautiful but equally as good looking is polished slate.  Peel Projects are specialists in laying all types of patio materials Each material has different costs, durability, and maintenance requirements, research this and determine what is right for your landscape.

Style: Decide on the overall style and finish of the patio. You can create modern, rustic, or traditional styles. This will influence the choice of materials, furniture, and decor.

Sunlight and shade: Consider the amount of sunlight and shade the patio will receive throughout the day, as this will affect the comfort and usability of the space, as well as any plants you may wish to include in the landscape design.

Drainage: Ensure that the patio is designed with proper drainage to prevent standing water and potential damage to the patio surface or nearby structures. Consider any drainage that is in or under the area where your patio is installed as it will need to be factored in to plans.

Local codes and regulations: Check local building regulations to ensure that your patio meets all requirements and and permissions are obtained before you start work.

Landscaping: Consider the surrounding landscaping and how the patio will fit into the overall design of the outdoor space.

Maintenance: Plan for the maintenance requirements of the patio, such as cleaning, sealing, and repair. 

We hope this post helps you in planning your perfect landscape and patio job. If you are based in or near to Gloucestershire please feel free to contact Peel Projects Landscaping for a free consultation and quotation for your new patio.