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Landscaping Gloucester

Peel Projects Landscaping Gloucestershire have over 15 years of professional landscape gardening experience. We have completed over 100 fencing jobs of all types from simple front garden picket fencing to modern horizontal fencing designs that really catch the eye.

We put together this guide featuring 10 tips to consider when planning your fencing job.

Purpose: Determine the purpose of the fence, such as privacy, security, looks/character or a mix of these factors. Look at images of other fencing for ideas and start noting styles, materials or looks you like. Thinking about these things will help you to pick the correct fencing for your property.

Location: Consider the location of the fence and how it will affect the surrounding landscape, neighbors, and property lines. It is always worth having a friendly chat with any neighbours to let them know what you are planning as a courtesy call. It is also worth looking at any local planning regulations there may be around fencing.

Material: Choose the right material for the fence based on your budget, durability, and maintenance requirements. Fencing often needs to be maintained every few years so factor this in to your planning.

Height: Decide on the appropriate height of the fence depending on its purpose, local regulations, and your personal preferences.

Style: Select a fence style that complements your home’s character and enhances its curb appeal. Modern horizontal styles are great for clean modern new build houses, whereas traditional cottages may fare better by having a more traditional fetheredge fencing. Think about your overall landscape design and how the fencing fits into the bigger picture. Again look at images via Google/Pintrest etc for ideas.

Gates: Plan for the number, location, and size of gates required for easy access and functionality.

Cost: Set a budget for the fence project and factor in all expenses, including installation, permits, and maintenance. Work with your landscaping/fencing company to plan this through a consultation and quotation service. Most landscaping/fencing companies offer this for free.

Durability: Choose a fence that can withstand the local weather conditions and other factors that may affect its lifespan. Ensure your materials are from a reputable local supplier wherever possible.

Maintenance: Determine the amount of maintenance required for the fence to stay in good condition and factor in the time and cost for upkeep. You can get in a local landscaping/fencing company to do this or do it yourself. Fences can be treated with a number of stains, protective products or even painted to add a spash of colour to your landscape.

Installation: Hire a professional fence installer or plan to install the fence yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools. Check reviews and past work photos to check the company you choose will do a good job.

Peel Projects offer fencing and landscaping services in Gloucestershire, Cotswolds,  Monmouthshire and Bristol.

If you are in the area or neighbouring areas please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and quotation for your fencing or landscaping job.